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Online Resilience

a physiology first approach® '

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What it is

  • A 4 hour video-based mini course delivering the 'physiology-first' approach to rapidly reducing stress.

  • A toolkit to support healthcare organizations and patients to create the physiological foundations of resilience.

  • HD Video micro-lessons, downloadable workbook, short guided audios, FAQS, research & resources.

  • Supplementary interactive live Q&A sessions, community interest circles and more available upon request.

Who it's for

Materials provided

Bespoke packages

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Learn the science of accessing
your heart's 

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What it is

Materials provided

Bespoke packages

Creators & Background

  • A 6 hour live experiential training on scientifically-validated methods that energize & optimize performance.

  • Ideal for small groups of 4-12 people to accelerate personal and group. performance

  • Worksheets, Heart Rate Variability biofeedback technology, interactive & reflective practices.

  • Shorter HeartMath programs for larger audiences (e.g. live webinars) available upon request. 

Who it's for

Dr Joe Dispenza's Corporate Program  
'Change Your Mind...
Create New Results


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What it is

  • An 8+ hour live interactive training program utilizing a neuroscience-based formula to create long-term change.

  • Ideal for medium sized groups of 10-50 people to empower personal and organizational change.

  • 90-page full color workbook, experiential activities, personal and group reflection practices.

  • 30 day guided journal as well as supplementary Dr Joe meditations are also available. 

Who it's for

Materials provided

Bespoke packages

Creators & Background

Benefits of                                                                    

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Better decision-making

Increased energy

Boosted creativity

Greater fulfilment

Reduced stress

Better sleep

Increased focus

Enhanced connection

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Here's what others have to say...

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So helpful with so many aspects of me and my life. It has taught me a lot about myself as I was, as I am, and how I want to be. Truly life changing - Thank you!

Helen, UK

I feel more peaceful & know what I want. I was able to challenge myself to stop and rethink about what is really truly important. I am now more intentional about where I am contributing the most.

Ricardo, USA

I have always thought that if I wanted to change something in my life, I need to DO something in my life to change it...I know now, I need to go deeper and drive the change from within. 

Hugo, Italy

I feel a lot more positive, calmer, sleeping better and am ready to tame better my emotions and worry less about everything.

Helena, Spain

Image by Alejandro Escamilla

Working with Carla has been a true gift. Discover if you're aligned with your goals and learn how to align so you can move forward easily.

Give yourself the gift of succeeding.

Leticia, USA

With genuine kindness, knowledge and insight, Carla walked me through a holistic approach. The thing I found most helpful was the introduction of meditation and awareness of ones own emotions and feelings.

Terry, UK


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