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1 to 1 coaching

1-2-1 Coaching Sessions for Leaders

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Exploring Coaching is 100% Risk Free

During these sessions Dr Carla will explore your goals and concerns and help you understand the impact your physiology has on your performance.


Furthermore Dr Carla utilises simple HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and biofeedback technologies to measure and support your progress, helping you to accelerate your journey to greater energy, clarity & performance.

You can book your FREE online 30 minute "Discovery Session" here... 

ZERO RISK - There's no cost, no obligation & it's completely confidential

Online Tools for Leaders

course for MDs

Learn how to accelerate resilience by harnessing your physiology first.

Explore how to unlock greater performance faster by leveraging the real drivers of results and sustained performance.

Learn how to radically change the detrimental physiological impact of stress in the moment by applying self-regulation techniques rooted in science.

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We know how busy you are as a Leader

So we've created an online program for you to learn and  access these powerful tools in the comfort of your own home, whenever you need.

Reset & Rewire is a targeted, bite-sized video-based rapid learning and application program that doctors and medics can access anytime, anywhere.

The course includes 
Downloadable PDFs - Technical Support - Downloadable Practice Audios

Benefits reported in participant surveys following Reset & Rewire

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Online Courses for Organisations

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The pandemic, global economic challenges, social unrest, and ongoing industry changes continue to place increasing pressure on us all.


The Reset & Rewire program serves as a powerful tool to teach any group or organization the science behind getting calm and clear on demand to rapidly reduce stress, creating more harmony, creativity and well-being for any team.

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